Our Technology, Your Platform.

Deliver the WAN your customer wants.

Solve virtually any network situation with features available below – or add third-party integrations easily to satisfy even the most demanding of customer needs.

Our Technology, Your Platform.

Deliver the WAN your customer wants.

Solve virtually any network situation with features available below – or add third-party integrations easily to satisfy even the most demanding of customer needs.

Some popular features at a glance.

Bandwidth Aggregation

Combine the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections into a single virtual connection. Single sessions are capable of using 100% of the aggregated bandwidth = fibre speeds at broadband prices.

Carrier Redundancy

Provide a fail-safe when an Internet connection suddenly degrades or drops. Combine ISPs to protect your customer from an ISP-wide outage. No dropped sessions.

End-to-End Quality of Service

Deliver crystal-clear voice and crisp video over Internet connections. Add customizable, bi-directional QoS profiles to prioritize by class, size, or port number with the click of a button.

Private Wide Area Network

Transform multi-site customers’ networks into highly cost-effective, scalable, and secure private WANs. Privatize each network, build site-to-multisite routing groups and centralize customers’ firewalls.

Site-to-Site Encryption

Whether it’s Site-to-Site or Site-to-Multisite, protect your customers’ data and secure all communications using DTLS in three cipher strengths – AES128, AES256, and Salsa20 – or add additional ciphers per your customer’s needs.

Throughput Acceleration

Apply acceleration to compressible data travelling over the connection for additional on-demand performance enhancements.

More features that refine your networks.

Dashboard Reporting

Web-based GUI provides continuous monitoring of circuit and tunnel metrics for real-time and historical graphical reporting.

Same IP Failover

Customer IP addresses don’t have to change in the event a link goes offline – allowing customers to compute through an ISP outage with seamless failover from “down” link to “active” link.

Bandwidth Adaptation

Automatically adjusts the speeds and expected performance of WAN connections to avoid latency and packet loss – If a link starts to misbehave, the system will kick in and work to maintain good customer experience.

TCP Proxy

The system creates multiple TCP streams to accelerate large file downloads for maximum performance.

Multi-Tenant Controller

Multi-tier, role-based management server for managing customer WAN elements. Apply different permission-sets for your internal teams, for customers, and for your channel partners. Allows for Zero-touch changes and updates to configurations.

Virtual Node Support

Scale easily with the ability to virtualize any or all nodes supported via a number of hypervisors.

Routing Groups

Create customer and/or area-specific routing groups for multi-site customers.

Hub/Core Redundancy

Automatic failover between core servers in your network in the case of stall or failure. Eliminates the core as a single-point-of-failure.


Extend the value of the technology by plugging it into your network monitoring tool, billing, CRM, or customer portal. Extend functionality by tying multiple systems together.

Pre-loaded DCHP Server

Automatically authenticate, connect, and receive configuration instructions for zero-touch deployment. Drop-ship devices and eliminate truck-roll costs.

Open Architecture

Load other services and network functions onto system nodes to increase functionality and deliver more value.

High-availability CPE

Automatic failover between CPE/Bonder in your customer’s network in the case of stall or failure – eliminates the CPE as a single-point-of-failure.

All managed from one place.

Control of WAN policies, applications, connections, devices, and users is not just important, it’s critical.

With our technology, you control and monitor every node, in every network, for every client, from a branded, multi-tenant, single pane-of-glass, so you can make global changes from virtually anywhere.

Deliver on key customer requirements:

WAN Performance

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Bond different ISPs and Technologies
  • Data acceleration
  • Bi-Directional Quality of Service
  • Packet-level Link Balancing
  • Link Behaviour adaptation

WAN Reliability

  • Instant failover for both outbound and inbound traffic
  • No IP or DNS changes on failover
  • 4G LTE support
  • High-availability CPE
  • Latency, Jitter, Packet-loss Avoidance

WAN Security

  • Packet-Level Link Balancing
  • Multiple Tunnel Encryption Ciphers
  • Traffic authentication
  • Third-party integrations for UTM and other security services.

WAN Management

  • Central, Multi-tenant Management Server
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Simple, Low-touch setup
  • Performance and usage charts
  • IP Address Management
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