Broadband Bonding Through True Link Aggregation

High performance, high quality mission critical broadband bonding technology.

What your business needs in terms of bandwidth fluctuates with every new application, device, and user. How much is enough bandwidth – today and tomorrow? Keep pace with your needs by leveraging broadband access connections – combine them together. Add a connection today until faster options are available tomorrow. Take control and scale bandwidth to meet your needs when necessary, at a price you can afford.

Stacked Bandwidth

Unlike some other bandwidth-focused technologies, with Always Up, you can stack the bandwidth – a single session can use all the available bandwidth of the aggregated connections, like night-time backups. There’s virtually no limit to the achievable throughput.

Aggregate Any Connection

Get the aggregate bandwidth of all connections – no matter which type of providers you use. Mix-and-match wired (DSL, Cable, Fiber) and wireless (3G, 4G/LTE, Fixed) access connections.

Advanced algorithms keep traffic orderly, and speed maximized.

Before our technology was available, it was almost impossible to bond connections of different types, providers, speeds, or latencies. Back in the day, distributing packets across connections with different speeds or latencies resulted in out-of-control, out-of-order packet delivery. Because the core Internet protocol, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), reduces its speed when packets are delivered in the wrong order, adding a high-latency connection to a bond of low-latency connections could actually reduce the overall throughput of a TCP flow. This isn’t the case with our technology.

Bond any connection, any latency, any speed. Our technology handles the rest.
Compression and optimization

Check out how your customers can benefit from our bi-directional data compression, increasing throughput up to 5×. You’ll be blown away.

With the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology and the evolution and adoption of a variety of Cloud Applications including Email, SaaS, and online backups, your site needs more bandwidth and reliability. Individual broadband connections don’t offer the performance you need and fibre can be outrageously expensive.

Always Up Guarantee

Always Up failover solution eliminates downtime – we guarantee it. You have the assurance that your connectivity will be up and problem-free when you need it – always.

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Satisfy your need for speed and reliability at a reasonable price that the SMB market can afford. Combine the bandwidth of multiple inexpensive Internet connections to reach whatever speeds your customers require.

What can your customers expect?

If your customer has three ADSL connections, for example, at 6Mbps download and 1Mbps upload, using our technology they could achieve more than 16Mbps download and 2.5Mbps upload.

We strive to achieve an industry-leading 92% efficiency when it comes to stacking bandwidth.

With our Compression engine, the resulting speeds could be as high as 48Mbps download by 7.5Mbps upload.

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The total bonded bandwidth is available even for single downloads and uploads. Transfers are not limited to the speed of a single connection as they are in load balancing solutions.

Let us show you how

Your mission critical apps stay Always Up, Our systems are designed to be placed seamlessly into your network and become your own.

Let us show you how

Your mission critical apps stay Always Up, Our systems are designed to be placed seamlessly into your network and become your own.