Understanding Your Challenge


You’re frustrated with your network. You expect more bandwidth, greater reliability, improved quality, and lower costs.

Limitations of Traditional Network Delivery

Traditional network delivery is no longer adequate to power your business. Your organization uses Cloud-based business applications to maximize your resources and increase productivity. However, the resulting usage demands are putting immense strain on your existing network that are already too slow, harmful, or unreliable. As a result, your connection becomes a critical bottleneck that negatively impacts your bottom-line.

Need Your Business to be Always Up?

Always Up is a comprehensive network solution to improve your network resilience and performance. It’s a fully scalable, packet-level balancing protocol that combines multiple connections into one and shapes traffic to deliver optimum user experience across your Wide Area Network (WAN).



Create a single-IP connection out of many lines to give you more bandwidth.


Intelligent packet-level distribution ensures application sessions are not dependent on the up time of a single connection.


Manages the failover of your bond to a supplemental connection (usually 3G/4G/LTE) for ultra-resilient networks.


Additional performance enhancement can be achieved by applying data acceleration to compressible data travelling over the bond.


Assigns unlimited priority layers inside the bond to ensure consistent delivery of important data from VoIP and other realtime applications.


We felt your pain. Our response is a Speedy, Scalable & Simple solution tailored to fit your organization. Now and for the future.

Always Up is a proprietary, over-the-top networking software designed to deliver advanced features and functionality to business customers.

Point to Point VPN


Packet Level Link Balancing


Network Connection Monitoring

All three combined allows us to provide:

Bandwidth Stacking

Customers large and small are able to combine the bandwidth of multiple commodity broadband connections to increase network speed – simply.

Lossless Failover

If a disruption occurs on a network connection, within 3/10th of a second, traffic will automatically adapt using the same-IP address to ensure an always-on, reliable service.

Site-to-Site QoS

Users can conveniently apply policies to select paths (bi-directionally) based on performance and usage to make certain VoIP calls are crystal clear and video and data transmissions are always clean.

Transmission Security

Easily encrypt traffic between sites, overlay a centralized firewall, and transmit packets across multiple connections
to add extra layers of security (and thwart attacks).

Monitoring & Management

Brings the capability to see the entire network – remotely. Built-in secure portal with real-time traffic analytics tracks and predicts actual usage and performance to troubleshoot and relieve IT challenges.

Small & Medium Business


What Internet Speed do I Need for My Business?

There’s a good chance that you already have more than one connection to supply the redundancy or uptime your organization needs. But what if those connections could be combined to provide more bandwidth as well? We can combine two or more connections to create a single connection that delivers faster download and upload speeds. Our cutting edge technology is an advanced bonding solution that allows you to aggregate the bandwidth of all your connections regardless of type or provider to give you the speed and scalability you need without a fuss.

Always Up: Speed & Bandwidth

How fast and how much bandwidth do I need? It’s a common question asked by small and medium business owners the world over. Decision makers should be able to answer this fundamental question so that they don’t over-spend on bandwidth they don’t need or under-service their offices. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to plan for future needs with the rapid pace of Cloud migration. The soaring rise in demand for bandwidth comes with more users, more information, and non-linear complexity.

Primary Connection 20 Mbps 820 Kbps
Always Up ~28 Mbps ~1,204Kbps



Enough for all your Cloud and business critical applications.


Get the aggregate bandwidth of all connections – no matter which type or providers you use: DSLs, Cable, Fiber, Fixed-Wireless, 4G, LTE, T1, etc.


Additional on-demand performance enhancements can be achieved by applying data acceleration to compressible data travelling over the bond.


Adaptively increase network bandwidth by layering on additional lines, so the network scales to meet your business needs when necessary, at a price you can afford.


Keep Productivity Flowing with NO Downtime Benefits

On most days, the Internet and the innumerable systems it powers can be relied on to work well enough. But network failures are inevitable, often caused by way of accidentally cut lines, weather and environment issues, hacking, or other unforeseen issues beyond the control of the service provider. When your connection is down, it means dropped VoIP calls, cancelled transactions, and widespread inconvenience and frustration. Instead of setting everything up and hoping it won’t fail, businesses should be able to rely on a system that can respond quickly and gracefully to those inevitable failures.

Always Up: Reliability with Failover

We can provide an Internet Failover Service like no other. This unique service allows any business to combine multiple Internet connections (regardless of provider or type) to create reliable Internet connectivity. If one connection suddenly degrades or goes offline, your data will continue to flow to its destination uninterrupted. When the problem connection is fixed, the system will automatically add it back to its pipeline. No special configurations or specialists are required. It’s that simple.

Take Your Internet to the Next Level

With robust reliability, businesses can extend their networks to provide customers and users with near 100% uptime. Our Internet Failover Service, gives you the confidence to run your business without the risk of downtime. You’ll now have the ability to focus on what matters – your business. This always-on feature lets you create the network that’s right for your business and save you time and money in the process.



Providing a fail safe for when an internet connection suddenly degrades or drops. Your data continues to flow through the remaining healthy links.


No need to reconfigure network settings. You could be on a VoIPor Video call when a link degrades or dies and you won’t even notice.


Each appliance maintains its own IP address in the event of a failover. No more DNS round-robin time delays.


So You’ve Got Poor VoIP Call Quality?

If you are using a VoIP phone system, there is a good chance you’ve experienced poor call quality. Broadly speaking, choppy and dropped calls happen because of the unpredictability of mixing voice packets with data traffic in a network that was originally set-up to handle only data. As a result, you get jitter and latency when the voice information gets received out of order or is delayed. Now, with the ubiquity of VoIP, you need a network solution that can eliminate call quality issues.

Always Up: Quality of Service (QoS)

We’re pretty excited about our ability to deliver crystal-clear voice over Internet connections. Not only is our QoS feature completely customizable to fit your business, it’s also dynamic to accommodate real-time fluctuations in application usage.

First, fully customizable QoS profiles ensure that your most important applications are prioritized over less sensitive traffic. Our QoS feature eliminates latency, jitter, and packet-loss problems by prioritizing applications by class and other criteria designed with your business in mind.

Second, our dynamic QoS system adapts to how your network is used. In particular, varying application load requirements and fluctuations in network load are considered. Our system anticipates these factors and smooths out any disturbances so that you always get crystal-clear voice and crisp video.



Assign unlimited priority layers inside the connection to ensure consistent delivery of important VoIP and other real-time application data.


Allows for bursts in use of prioritized applications to manage the flow of traffic between sites.


As your business’s dependence on IP or hosted voice and video applications increases, so does the need for those calls to be crisp and clean. Get the peace of mind that packets will make the trip free of any disturbances.


We Live in the Digital Age

Organizations are challenged with putting safeguards in place to protect their valuable digital information. However, the reliance on connectivity in today’s business environment means an ever-increasing pace of data creation and dissemination. As data zaps around the globe in milliseconds, do you really know if your transmission is safe? It needs to be shielded. Your network needs to be secure. You need to protect your many sensitive communications, whether in the form of video, voice, or text – not only from criminals, but also from your competitors and unforeseen network breaches. The need for protection is further heightened by escalating public demand for privacy. Businesses can respond by meeting expectations… and prevent potential damage to reputation.

Always Up: Encryption Protects Your Data

Encryption is the most important privacy-preserving technology available.

It protects your data when it’s sitting on your computers and in data centers, and also when it’s being delivered around the Internet. Implementing encryption is essential and we offer DTLS in three cipher strengths – AES128, AES256, and Salsa20 to guard the packets that pass over your various network connections.

You Take Network Security Seriously, and So Do We

In addition to standard encryption, by its nature our technology spreads traffic across multiple Internet connections. Even if an attacker manages to capture one of your individual Internet connections, he will only see a small fragment of your entire traffic. Combined traffic is authenticated by the receiving server with a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC, from RFC2104). This ensures an attacker can’t intercept, modify, or forge messages sent between your sites.



Monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic to identify overall network capacity and enforce entry/exit rules associated with applications.


Breaks up sessions into its smallest possible component and distributes the information down multiple connections to add extra layer of security.


Provides comprehensive and affordable protection to secure all communications:

  • AES 128
  • AES 256
  • Salsa20


Busy? Too busy? Absolutely Buried?

We get it. Your day can go from zero to sixty at the drop of a hat. You want to fix your firewall issue, but that email server is acting up. Then, the network goes down. How do you prioritize your day when network outages can’t be dealt with until it’s too late?

Always Up: See the Big Picture

Don’t have the time to see the forest for the trees? Our network monitoring and management service gives you visibility into what really matters to enhance your network experience. We will proactively monitor and alert you of real-time network issues. We will troubleshoot and put out the network-related fire and we help you strategize to make the right network choices with confidence – for now and the future.

Stop Being So Busy – Start Being Productive

Businesses already spend a huge portion of IT budgets on Wide Area Network (WAN) services. Often, the outcome is less than desired: you have limited knowledge of what is actually going on across the network. We give you insight with context. We expertly pinpoint the issues in real-time. We take care of your network so you can focus on what matters – keeping your business productive.


  • Jitter
  • Latency
  • Packet-loss
  • Bandwidth fluctuation
  • Connection state changes
  • Throughput/usage

Solve network headaches that impede your business to get the most out of your network. Real-time traffic and WAN health configured to align with your business policies.


Cost-effective solutions designed to optimize IT investments.


Get alerted to issues before they become a problem.


Secure portal for viewing and managing your entire Wide Area Network (WAN).

Let us show you how

Your mission critical apps stay Always Up, Our systems are designed to be placed seamlessly into your network and become your own.

Let us show you how

Your mission critical apps stay Always Up, Our systems are designed to be placed seamlessly into your network and become your own.